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Wild Ass Seat - Smartlite

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Wild Ass Air Cushion Seats available to relieve pressure points and increase the time in the saddle.


* Made from economical light weight polyurethane.

* Air Inflatable by blowing into or deflating with turn of the valve.

* Reduces Painful Pressure points.

* Promotes Blood circulation.

* Reduces Heat and moisture build up.

* Lowers Shock and Vibration better than any other low cost comfort product on the market.

* Great option for the Budget conscious occassional rider.

* Available in 3 Designs : Smartlight, Sportslite and Pillionlite.

Smartlite is designed for the Cruisers

Sportslight is designed for Sportsbikes, Adventurer or narrow seat variety

Pillionlite is designed for the Passenger