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Trailer Hitch Wiring Harness. Fits Trike 2014up with 4 wire.

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Tech Tips:-

Will fit first M8 2018 only (2019up use K2595)

Features & Benefits:-

* Plug & Play Trailer Wiring for 2014-18 Trike with 4-Wire Trailer.

* Safely and effectively apply the load from your trailer lighting to the battery and not to the rest of the bike's electrical system.

* Eliminate overloading stock lighting or accessory circuits.

* Our relay harness utilizes inputs from the motorcycle to direct power from the battery to the appropriate trailer lighting circuit.

* 5 Wire Plus 1 or 4 Wire Plus 1: Our kits provide standard 5-wire output (run, brake, left turn, right turn, ground) or standard 4-wire output (run, left turn/brake, right turn/brake, ground) plus a bonus wire that can be connected as needed to provide fused 12v power to the trailer for compartment lights or keyless entry systems that are wired independently of the trailer's essential lighting.

* 4-Wire Kits include a flat-4 connector, 5-Wire kits do not include Receptacle Kits because the style of receptacle required varies by trailer manufacturer.