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Quick Detatchable Rack #602-2004B/2005B/2001B

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Quick Detatchable Luggage Rack - BLACK.

Features & Benefits:-

* COB-602-3500 Luggage Rack fits COB-602-2001B Quick Detachable Sissy Bar.

* COB-602-2001 Fitment Details:-

* Fits FLSTC 2000up.

* Fits FLSTF 2000-2006.

* Fits FLSTN 2007up.

* Fits FLSTS 2000-2003.

* Fits FXST 2000-2005.

* COB-602-3500 Luggage Rack fits COB-602-2004B Quick Detachable Sissy Bar on Dyna 2006-2017.

* COB-602-3500 Luggage Rack fits COB-602-2005B Quick Detachable Sissy Bar on Sportster 2004up.

Proudly Made in the USA by Cobra !

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