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Progressive Suspension - 430 Series 12" Fits: Dyna 1991-2017 CHROME

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Progressive Suspension 430 Series Shocks For Harley Dyna

The 430 Series can be mounted with either the rod up or rod down, depending on your bike's specific needs. Threaded pre-load adjusters allow for adjustment by hand, which offers quick tuning of ride quality. A  Standard  Spring rate are recommended for riders that weigh under 110kg.


  • High pressure gas mono tube design
  • Deflective disc valving
  • Adjust spring pre-load by hand - no special tool needed
  • Standard spring rate (rider under 110kg)
  • Smooth lines and polished chrome body
  • Machined Aluminium Spring perches
  • Progressive-rate spring
  • Made in USA
  • Sold as a pair


  • Depending on model, your stock shock length is 12" to 13.3"
  • Shock lengths are measured fully extended, eyelet to eyelet on centers
  • A change in height at one end of the bike may require a change at the other
  • Changing ride height can potentially change the trail and mechanical trail
  • Heavy Duty shocks are recommended for bikes operated at or near the OEM maximum load rating over 50% of the time
  • Prior to purchasing shocks that are different than your OEM length, please verify that wheel and suspension travel can be altered without causing clearance issues to the swingarm, axle, frame, tire, fender, chain/belt and guard, and exhaust
  • Fitment Notes & Exceptions
    • Not for FLD Switchback models
    • To use the 11” shocks on FXDWG models, the fender tip may need to be trimmed or it may contact the belt guard as shown in figure 1 image