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Phone Holder Mount for Wireless Chargeable Phones

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PA023 - Phone Mount For Wireless Chargeable Phones

This mount has been designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclist.  It will hold and charge your "wireless chargeable phone".  

NB.  Not all phones can be charge through a wireless charger.  Please check that your phone can be charged wirelessly BEFORE purchasing. 

Attach the mount to a  *ROUND handlebar with a diameter of 22 to 32mm, connect the mount to your battery, red to positive (+), black to negative (-) and you have power. There is an ON/OFF switch on the back of the holder, so when you are not charging your phone please switch the charger OFF.

Pair your phone to your bike coms and you’ll have “turn by turn” navigation and be listening to your favourite tunes as you tear down the road!

If your bike does not have round bars the kit comes with an option to mount on your mirror base. 

Certified EN 60 529/IP66 (rating for Protection against dust and high pressure water jets)