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Five RS Waterproof Urban Gloves.

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The RS WP adopts within our mid-season range the role of the urban short waterproof glove, versatile and practical. Equipped with protective shells of the metacarpus discreetly inserted under water repellent fabric, a shell at the level of the palm, and especially a waterproof membrane, it will protect as much its pilot from the risks in case of falls as bad weather. The advantage of a short and lightweight glove in urban use is obvious: it combines easily and discreetly with your outfit and its reduced size makes it very convenient to carry. He can therefore accompany you all the time, in anticipation of capricious weather, lodged in your bag or at the bottom of a top box.


  • Weatherproof fabric construction (topside) for weather resistance / Synthetic leather (palm) for durability.
  • Hippora® weatherproof internal membrane.
  • Bemberg™ internal comfort lining.
  • One-piece TPR Soft metacarpophalangeal and phalangeal protective shells under fabric.
  • Hypothenar protective shell (palm slider) in TPR.
  • Ventilated synthetic leather palm reinforcement.
  • Neoprene cuff for adjustability, comfort, and weather resistance.
  • Flap + Velcro and synthetic leather pull-tab closure system.
  • TouchScreen™ system (on index finger) for handling touchscreens without removing the glove.