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Five- Kansas Black Waterproof Gloves

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Because you may want to ride in Vintage or Neo-Retro style even when the weather’s bad, FIVE now offers a weatherproof mid-season version of its top-selling Custom style. Based on our most protective Custom glove, the Kansas WP echoes all the characteristics
of the Kansas, with the addition of a weatherproof, breathable 5-DRYTECH™ internal membrane to keep your hands dry when it rains. Featuring a one-piece metacarpal protective shell inserted underneath the leather, and numerous reinforcements at exposed points, the Kansas WP offers extreme protection.

It also offers an optimal level of comfort, fit, and control sensitivity for a weatherproof glove, due to, among other factors, its external stitching. It marvelously combines classic spirit with modern details, since its index finger hosts the TouchScreen™ system that lets you handle device screens without taking your glove off. The look and the weatherproof nature of the Kansas WP are sure to delight fans of bold machines, who never say no to a ride, even when the weather looks unpredictable.


• 100% full-grain goat-leather construction, for
suppleness (topside and palm)
One-piece PVC metacarpophalangeal protective shell
underneath the leather
• External stitching on the fingers, for optimal fit
• 5-D
RYTECH™ weatherproof, breathable membrane
Internal comfort lining
Closure and adjustment system featuring a zipper +
Velcro® flap and on/off pull-tab
• Leather accordion comfort gussets on the fingers and
• Leather accordion + elastic wristband, for added
Hypothenar protection from a full-grain goat-leather
and memory-foam reinforcement panel that includes
an embossed logo
• Touch Screen™ system on the index fingers, for
handling electronic devices