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Falco Ladies Misty Boots -Black

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Falco Women's Line
  • Full-grain leather upper & High Tex waterproof membrane.
  • Reinforced toe & heel.
  • ABS reinforced ankle cup inserts.
  • Laces and zipper combined closure.
  • High-heel rubber sole.
  • CE Certified.

High-Tex Advanced Membrane: Falco membrane resistant to water penetration. The only scientific test to determine, define and indicate whether a motorcycle boot is waterproof is the test required by regulations EN 13634: 2010. The testing method consists of walk to 100 steps on a suitable platform with a water level 5mm above the sole. At the successful completion of this test, the boot is considered waterproof.

ACF/Women: Craft constructive system of the boot around the last reproducing men's or women's foot anatomy. This technique allows the boot to reach a higher level of comfort, to extend utilisation time and match different riding conditions.