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Engine Gasket Kit -B/Twin 2005+ (88ci or 96ci)

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Geniune James Gaskets Engine Gasket Kit 

* Fits Big Twin 2005up with 88" or 96" Engines

* Fits 3-3/4" bore 88" & 96" Twin Cam Engines

* Firering 0.036in. Head Gasket

* Beaded RCM Rocker Gasket

* Includes all Gaskets, Seals & O'Rings required for complete Engine Rebuild

* Replaces OEM #175053-99A/B

* Sold as a Kit


* Fiering is a Metallic Armour/Grommet around the Bore of the Gasket, S/S on Head Gaskets & Copper on Exhaust Gaskets

* Elastomer Bead applied to areas of the Gasket to improve sealing. Varies between Silicon & Nitrile depending on the application

* Rubber Coated Metal (RCM) is used in a variety of applications. It's steel core is coated on both sides with a thin rubber layer for excellent sealing and torque retention.

* Made in the USA