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PS 990 Series, 12" -Sportster 2004-up

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Progressive Suspension 990 Series, 12" Black. Fits Sportster 2004-up

Features & Benefits:-

* The most adjustable shock in the V-Twin market, the 990 Sport series shock features complete adjustability.

* Adjustable Height Eyelet – 0.4in..

* Adjustable Rebound Damping.

* Adjustable Preload by Hand.

* Adjustable High & Low Speed Compression.

* High Pressure Gas Monotube.

* Deflective Disc Damping.

* Lightweight Aluminum Body.

* Linear Rate Coil Spring.

* Captured Jounce Bumper.

* Spherical Bearing Mounts.

Tech Tips:-

* If you are purchasing longer or shorter suspension, confirm that changing your Suspension travel will not cause clearance issues.

* Performance Suspension Upgrades provide better handling through a Stiffer more controlled Ride.

Proudly Made by Progressive Suspension !